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R.I.P. Bob

With extreme sadness and a heavy heart, the Jr. Mudcats announce the passing of one of its own. Bob Springer, in his 53rd year, passed away surrounded by family and friends on Tuesday July 22, 2014. Bob battled hard against his illness just like he would against any opponent on the ice, with determination, perserverence, enthusiasm and the deisre to win and over the last few years he was able to send this series to a game 7, double OT and finally a shoot out.

This was one opponent Bob was unable to beat.

Bob was synonymos with hockey and especially the Mudctas. He played for numerous Dunnville Championship teams:Jr.C Terriers, the Int B. Mudcats and the Sr A. Mudcats and when the Dunnville Jr. C hockey team rebranded itself as the current Jr. Mudcats, Bob came on board with is knowledge and expertice with scounting and player development. Bob embraced the same ideals as the new management to create a good program in Dunnville and to encourage players to play in Dunnville, even more so, for home grown talent to stay in Dunnville. He was instrumental in turning Jr. C hockey around in Dunnville and he was able to witness what a good program can accomplish when the Jr. Mudcats went to the Niagara District Championship finals for the first time in 30 years last season.

Bob will also be remembered for his tireless volunteer work with fundraisers, especially the Blue Line Club, and as being a very "vocal" fan in the stands.

Our condolences go out to Bob's wife, Jodi, and his two sons, Tyler and Chad. Know that you husband and father will truly be missed and never forgotten. 

And we promise you Bob, we will continue with our vision and our goal to bring the cup back to Dunnville!




COST:  $50.00

Tues. Sept. 02/14           9:00 - 10:30 pm

Thurs. Sept.04/14          9:00 - 10:30 pm 

Fri. Sept. 05/14                7:30pm     Start      

     (Exhibition Game vs. Chippawa)

Sun. Sept.07/14               6:00 - 7:30 pm

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